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International Journal of Food Science and Nutrition Engineering is devoted to the publication of original manuscripts and review articles relevant to the topics of food science and nutrition. It is an international peer-reviewed journal that includes peer-reviewed research covering all aspects of experimental nutrition and various aspects of food science. The Journal gives a comprehensive view of the food chain and the interactions between diet and health. It focuses on recent developments and applications of modern genetics as well as enzyme, cell, tissue, and organ-based biological processes to produce and improve foods, food ingredients, and functional foods. Papers based on fundamental and interdisciplinary research will be particularly encouraged. The research described should be innovative either in the approach or in the methods used. The significance of the results for the food science and food industry communities should be specified.

ICV 2015: 72.51; ICV 2016: 85.20
Editor-in-chief: Katya Carbone
p-ISSN: 2166-5168
e-ISSN: 2166-5192


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Nutritional, Microbial and Sensory Properties of Flat-Bread (kitta) Prepared from Blends of Maize (Zea mays L.) and Orange-Fleshed Sweet Potato (Ipomoea batatas L.) Flours
Teferra F. Tadesse, Gezahegn Nigusse, Henok Kurabachew
pp. 33-39
DOI: 10.5923/  96591 Views  92270 Downloads
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Screening of Phytochemical Compounds and Toxic Proteinaceous Protease Inhibitor in Some Lesser-known Food Based Plants and Their Effects and Potential Applications in Food
pp. 16-20
DOI: 10.5923/  72293 Views  64774 Downloads
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Proximate, Mineral Composition and Sensory Acceptability of Home Made Noodles from Stinging Nettle (Urtica simensis) Leaves and Wheat Flour Blends
Dagem Alemayehu, Gulelat Desse, Kebede Abegaz, Beruk Berhanu Desalegn, DerejeGetahun
pp. 55-61
DOI: 10.5923/  65243 Views  61014 Downloads
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The Use of Cassava, Sweet Potato and Cocoyam, and Their By-Products by Non – Ruminants
D.F. Apata, T.O. Babalola
pp. 54-62
DOI: 10.5923/  108192 Views  30565 Downloads
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Chemical and Microbiological Characteristics of Fermented Milk Product, Mish
Abdel MoneimE. Sulieman, Hadeel O.Abd Elgadir, Elamin A.Elkhalifa
pp. 1-4
DOI: 10.5923/  27329 Views  20206 Downloads
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Development of Orange-Fleshed Sweet Potato (Ipomoea batatas) Juice: Analysis of Physico-Chemical, Nutritional and Sensory Property
TarikuZena Mamo, AbadiGebre Mezgebe, AbebeHaile
pp. 128-137
DOI: 10.5923/  23982 Views  20196 Downloads
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Effect of Blending Ratio and Processing Technique on Physicochemical Composition, Functional Properties and Sensory Acceptability of Quality Protein Maize (QPM) Based Complementary Food
BerukBerhanu Desalegn, KebedeAbegaz, Esayas Kinfe
pp. 121-129
DOI: 10.5923/  22063 Views  15348 Downloads
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Effect of Starter Culture as a Source of Microbial Contamination on the Quality and Safety of Yogurt in Giza, Egypt
Mahmoud M. Motawee, Saleh M. Neveen
pp. 103-111
DOI: 10.5923/  17597 Views  15138 Downloads
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Effect of Soy Flour Supplementation on the Quality and Shelf Life of Gulabjamuns
A. K.Singh, Dattatreya M.Kadam, MiliSaxena, R. P.Singh
pp. 11-17
DOI: 10.5923/  19810 Views  12999 Downloads
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Production and Effect of Storage in the Chemical Composition of Mozzarella Cheese
AbdelMoneim E.Sulieman, RashaA. Mohamed Ali, KamalA. Abdel Razig
pp. 21-26
DOI: 10.5923/  19152 Views  12269 Downloads
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