Advances in Analytical Chemistry

Advances in Analytical Chemistry is a peer-reviewed research journal that is devoted to the dissemination of new and original knowledge in all branches of analytical chemistry. The journal publishes features and news articles about major advances, trends, and challenges in analytical chemistry. These articles include peer-reviewed features written by researchers and news stories that discuss novel analytical concepts and instruments.

ICV 2015: 76.84; ICV 2016: 84.50
Editor-in-chief: Syed Rizvi
p-ISSN: 2163-2839
e-ISSN: 2163-2847


Subject areas suitable for publication include, but are not limited to the following fields:
  Atomic Spectroscopy
  Chemical Sensors
  Electron Spectroscopy
  Environmental Analysis
  Lab Info Management Systems
  Miscellaneous Techniques
  Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
  Optical Molecular Spectroscopy
  Radiochemical Methods
  Sample Preparation
  Surface Analysis
  Thermal Methods
  X-Ray Spectroscopy