International Journal of Traffic and Transportation Engineering

International Journal of Traffic and Transportation Engineering is an international refereed journal dedicated to the latest advancement of transportation technologies and engineering. The goal of this journal is to keep a record of the state-of-the- art research and promote the research work in the areas.

ICV 2015: 73.96; ICV 2016: 85.70
p-ISSN: 2325-0062
e-ISSN: 2325-0070


Subject areas suitable for publication include, but are not limited to the following fields:
  Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
  Advanced Emergency Management Systems (AEMS)
  Advanced Materials for Transportation Vehicles
  Advanced Traffic Management Systems (ATMS)
  Automated Baggage Handling and Screening Systems
  Automated People Movers
  Automatic Vehicle Location and Tracking
  Automotive Software Architecture
  Bus Transit Systems
  Collision Avoidance Systems
  Command Control Centre
  Communication, Navigation, Surveillance Systems
  Computer-aided Dispatch
  Devices to Enhance Pedestrian and Bicyclist Safety
  Dynamic Traffic Signal Control
  Electronic Fare Collection
  Flight Information Display Systems
  Health and Wellness in Transportation Industry
  Incident Reporting Packages
  Intelligent Security Systems
  Intelligent Transportation Systems and Traffic Control
  Intelligent Vehicles