Subject areas suitable for publication include, but are not limited to the following fields:
  Application, context, and traffic-aware MAC protocols
  Asynchronous MAC protocols
  Cognitive radio and multichannel MAC protocols
  Cross-layer design issues in WSNs considering the MAC protocol
  Game-theoretic and learning-MAC protocols
  MAC protocols with common active periods
  MAC protocols for multimedia WSNs
  MAC protocols for periodic/event-based/query-based WSNs
  MAC protocols for mobile WSNs
  MAC protocols for WSNs in industrial standards (ZigBee, WMBUS, etc.)
  Network/MAC/PHY cross-layer design in WSNs
  Realistic Simulation of MAC Protocols for WSNs, Comparison/Analysis of Different MAC Designs for WSNs
  Self-organization algorithms and techniques for WSNs
  Synchronization issues in WSNs
  TDMA-like MAC protocols