Subject areas suitable for publication include, but are not limited to the following fields:
  Active, Real-time and Stereo Computer vision
  Augmented Reality
  Biometrics Technologies and System
  Character, Speech, Image and Video Applications
  Computer Vision
  Document and Industrial
  Graphics Algorithms
  Graphics User Interface
  Image Acquisition and Storage
  Image Analysis and Understanding
  Image and Graphics Applications
  Image Coding and Transmission
  Image Indexing and Retrieval
  Image Matching and Scene Interpretation
  Image Processing
  Image Pre-processing
  Image Segmentation and Measurement
  Media Immersion
  Medical and Bio-medical
  Modeling Methods
  Monocular and Stereo Vision
  Motion Analysis, Visual Navigation and Active Vision
  Multimedia Algorithms
  Multimedia Database
  Multimedia Communication and CSCW
  Multimedia Systems and Techniques
  Multi-modal Image systems
  Multi-modal User Interface
  Pattern Matching and Pattern Recognition
  Pattern Recognition Application
  Perceptual Interfaces for Immersive Activities
  Pictorial Data Bases and Archiving
  Rendering Algorithms
  Shape Representation and Extraction
  Statistical, Structural and Neural Approaches
  Telecommunication and Remote Sensing
  Texture and Motion Analysis
  User interface Management System
  Video Surveillance and Monitoring
  Virtual Reality and Virtual Environment
  VLSI Image Model, Algorithm and Architecture
  3-D modeling