Special Issue - Call for Papers
Algorithms Research
Advanced computational techniques and Data mining algorithms.

Submission deadline: 12/31/2012

Scope and purposes

Algorithms in various disciplines such as Computational Techniques and Data mining are involved in advanced engineering to understand, predict and analyze the data. The present researchers have to be concentrated on hidden information and also the problems involved in cracking the information. The programming codes and applications of mathematics in analyzing sequences, strings, structures, loops, databases, signal processing and biosensors, etc provides scope in providing good health and advanced systems for human community. In turn the global disasters can be also being controlled through procedures applied through algorithms. Data and knowledge discovery are the process of analyzing the information from different insights and summarizing the hidden information into useful patterns. The clustering, classification, associations, and/or relationship algorithms are the common among the data that provides information for analyzing data.

The aim of this special issue is to foster state-of-the-art research in the area of computational techniques and data mining algorithms. This special issue focuses on advances in Information technologies, Electrical and Communication engineering, Life sciences and machine learning technologies based on computer programming and mathematics through the approach of algorithms. It will also serve as a landmark source for advanced algorithms in computational methodologies, machine learning technologies and their applications.

Topics of primary interest include, but are not limited to:
• Algorithmic Foundations of Applied Physics
• Bioinformatics and Biostatistics
• Biosensors and Systems Biology
• Computational Biology and Information technologies
• Data mining and analysis in various organizations and community
• Electrical and Mechanical simulations
• Instrumentation and Communication Technologies
• Machine learning
• Mathematical applications and models
• Microbial simulations in motility and dynamics
• Modulations, Signal processing and Mechanical System simulations
• Molecular modeling and drug designing
• Multimedia and web usage mining
• Software and hardware designing

Important Dates
Deadline for submission: 12/31/2012
Deadline for revision: 01/15/2013
Notification of final decision: 01/30/2013
Camera-Ready Final Manuscript Due: 02/15/2013
Estimated Publication: 2013 (Tentative)

Abstracts addressing one or more of these themes/topics or further questions should be emailed to an editor by <12/31/2012>.
Manuscript submissions are invited by the submission deadline. All papers will undergo a double or triple-blind peer review process.

Guest Editors
Dr. DSVGK KALADHAR,dkaladhar@gmail.com

Manuscript submission deadline 12/31/2012


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