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International Journal of Biological Engineering
BLZ - Effect and DNA Signals - Their Applications to Cell Maturation and Modulation of Cancer Growth

Submission deadline: 07/15/2015

Scope and purposes

New investigations of basic mechanisms and diagnostic and therapeutic applications of the BLZ-effect and of DNA electromagnetic signals.

State-of-art and background:

(BLZ is the acronym of Blackman- Liboff –Zhadin

A.R. Liboff – Oakland University- early discovered (1985) that Cyclotron Resonance drives Calcium ion motions in aqueous solutions in electrolytic cells. Calcium Ion current peaks were detected when the an external alternate (AC) magnetic field (MF) was applied, being tuned with the charge to mass ratio of Calcium and with the intensity of local static (DC) magnetic field. The amplitude of the alternate magnetic field should be lower than the amplitude of the static magnetic field(ordinary the geomagnetic field).

In 1994 M.N. Zhadin, with V.V. Novikov, -RUS Pouschkino Labs. - proved that when you change the DC MF also the AC MF has to be proportionally shifted in order to get the effect. And viceversa. Moreover the effect could be extended to many ions an to zwitterions, like nucleic acids. In the latter case, the amplitude of the AC MF should be three orders of magnitude lower than the one of the DC MF.

Previously, in 1979-1980, C.F. Blackman – US EPA-, with others, had shown that an increased efflux of Calcium is observed in chicken brains that have been exposed both to ELF (1- 80 Hz) and to RFs (radiofrequencies), when amplitude modulated in ELF band. Criticism was opposed by R. K Adair – Yale University - (1991, 2006): so weak AC MFs could not be the source of currents of ions in water /the medium of a cytoplasm), since the generated Lorentz strength was not enough to overcome the kT threshold i.e. the Brownian strength, which resulted to be able to destroy any ion current arising grace to the Lorentz force. Such criticism was based on a classical gas-like model of water.

In a posthumous work of G. Preparata – University of Milan – with E. Del Giudice, M. Fleischmann and G. Talpo, (2002) the effect was related to a quantum property of water: the natural condensation of water molecules in clusters in a coherent state, like the superliquid phase of helium, but at room pressure and temperature. This phase coexists with the well known liquid phase. Clusters – better: coherent domains- are systems able to store energy from environment, grace to the shell of quasi-free electrons of excited water molecules (5d) that always are 13% of all the molecules of clusters. Furthermore water coherent domains are able to capture solvated ions forming mixed domains. When suitable AC MFs – tuned with the cyclotron frequency of ions – is applied clusters release ions providing them their own energy. In 2006 M.N. Zhadin and L. Giuliani, argued that coherent domains also are able to protonate the captured zwitterions and to release the so formed ions, when the suitable cyclotron frequency is applied.

In the same year A. Lisi, L.Giuliani, E. D’Emilia, S. Grimaldi – Italian CNR and ISPESL - with others, induced maturation and differentiation in cells, applying MFs inducing the BLZ-effect onto their culture. In 2008, they were able, with others, to differentiate cardiac primary cells, thus suggesting that a treatment of heart attack is possible implanting autologous cardio-myocytes, only differentiated grace to MFs. In the same year the same group with N. Bobkova and M.N. Zhadin observed that the BLZ-effect could be reproduced in a vessel filled of water instead of an electrolytic cell. In 2009 the same group with E. Del Giudice showed that the water floating bridge can transport copper ions inside. In 2014 the group, with L. Montagnier, M. Ledda and A.R. Liboff, showed that water can be protoned when it is exposed to the cyclotron frequency of hydrates of H3O+.

In 2009 the Nobel Laureate Luc Montagnier and collaborators detected DNA signals from bacteria and viruses, suggesting a new physical way for diagnosis of infections. Some tumors, as the colon carcinoma can be detected as well. In 2009 V.V. and G.V. Novikov, with E.E. Fesenko, showed that Ehrilich tumor cells, previously treated with a suitable DC-AC MFs combination then inoculated in mice, are no more able to develop ascites. In 2011 M. Blank and R. Goodman - Columbia University - provided a general theory of DNA signaling: DNA is a fractal antenna in electromagnetic fields. In 2011 J.B. Zimmermann and B. Pasche - Alabama University - with others, showed that specific weak Low Frequencies, modulating a carrier wave in RF-band, have an anti-proliferative effect on hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). In 2014 the Food and Drug Administration has approved an electromagnetic device for treatment of glioma and glioblastoma in combination with- or as an alternative to radiotherapy.

Topics of primary interest include, but are not limited to:
• Water quantum properties and BLZ-effects
• Trans-membrane and cytoplasm ion currents modulation
• DNA electromagnetic signaling
• Electromagnetic induction or promotion of stem cell differentiation and regenerative medicine
• Electromagnetic spectra of bacteria, viruses or cancer cells
• Electromagnetic spectra and modulation of bacteria films and microbiological charge in
• Cancer cell modulation and electromagnetic Oncology
• Heart attacks and CHF treatment by means of electromagnetic fields
• Electromagnetic treatment pain, of skeleton-muscle apparatus diseases and rehabilitation
• Electromagnetic treatment of neurological or psychological treatment and for wellness
• Electromagnetic diagnosis and treatment of urological and gynecological apparatus
• Electromagnetically driven drug delivery and endogenous nanoparticles transport and targeting

Important Dates
Deadline for submission: 07/15/2015
Deadline for revision: 09/20/2015
Notification of final decision: 09/30/2015
Estimated Publication: 11/30/2015 (Tentative)

Abstracts addressing one or more of these themes/topics or further questions should be emailed to an editor by <07/15/2015> at Giuliani.livio@gmail.com.
Manuscript submissions are invited by the submission deadline. All papers will undergo a double or triple-blind peer review process.

Guest Editors
Prof. Livio Giuliani
Professor, National Health Service (director of researches, INAIL Firenze, Italy)

Manuscript submission deadline 07/15/2015


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