Our Key Strengths

Electronic Manuscript System

Instead of using hired-purchased software systems, SAP has successfully developed an original electronic manuscript submission and peer review system, which is different from many other international publishers. With its function of online submission and processing of articles, SAP can bring you considerable decrease in the submission to decision time.

Open Access

As a relatively recent development in academic publishing, the open access movement proposes a new business model for academic publishing, which enables immediate, worldwide, barrier-free, open access to the full text of research articles for the best interests of the scientific community. Any Open Access articles can be read, downloaded, and/or printed without requiring a subscription to the journal in which these articles are published.

Enhanced International Reach

SAP has collaborations with the major bibliographic agencies, subscription agents, internet search engines and secondary aggregating agencies. These collaborations help in increasing the visibility and accessibilities of the published papers across the world.


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