International Journal of Web Engineering

International Journal of Web Engineering aims to provide a forum for advancing the scientific state of knowledge in all areas of Web Engineering. Original articles, survey articles, reviews, tutorials, perspectives, and general correspondence are all welcome. It fundamentally concerns the technology which enables the construction of web applications.



Subject areas suitable for publication include, but are not limited to the following fields:
  Adaptive Web Applications and Personalization
  Content Retrieval and Search
  Component-based Web Application Development
  Federated and Cross-organizational Web Applications
  Human-computer Interaction and User Modeling
  Implementation Architectures
  Modeling and Model-based Design and Development
  Navigation and Hypermedia
  Web Application Usability
  Web Application Deployment
  Web Application Development Methods and Processes
  Web Application Development Tools and Environments
  Web Design Patterns and Pattern Mining
  Web Engineering Education
  Web Application Quality, Metrics and Measurement
  Web Application Evaluation, Verification and Validation
  Testing Automation, Methods and Tools for Web Applications
  Performance Modeling, Monitoring and Evaluation