International Journal of Internet of Things

International Journal of Internet of Things is an open access journal which brings internationally leading researchers and practitioners from both academia and industry together to present and discuss issues in the Internet of things to the society and disseminate findings in scientific research on related subjects.

Editor-in-chief: Zoran Ciric, xun zhang
p-ISSN: 2332-8339
e-ISSN: 2332-8347


Subject areas suitable for publication include, but are not limited to the following fields:
  Applications of the Internet of Things
  Emerging Standards for an Internet of Things
  Home Networking
  Issues relating to the connection of everyday objects to the Internet
  Internet of Things communication systems and network infrastructures
  RFID and Tagging Technologies
  Security and Privacy and Issues relating to linking ‘things’ to location and users
  The creative and artistic potentials provided by the internet of things
  The Geography of Things: Location and tracking of objects
  Web Services