Journal of Laboratory Chemical Education

Journal of Laboratory Chemical Education is an open-access, peer-reviewed journal describing the furthering of chemical education via effective laboratory experiences. Educational laboratory experiences at the high school and undergraduate level provide a critical component of a high quality, practical education in chemistry. Laboratory chemical education is broadly defined as laboratory experiences in all traditional areas of chemistry including– but not limited to– organic chemistry, physical chemistry, analytical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, biochemistry, electrochemistry, polymer chemistry, forensic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, environmental chemistry, and computational chemistry. Articles considered for publication include: original educational laboratory experimentation articles, review-type articles (see below), and short letters detailing educational laboratory experiment improvements or safety issues.

Dr. Joseph Sloop

Editorial Board Member of Journal of Laboratory Chemical Education

Associate Professor, Georgia Gwinnett College, USA

Research Areas

Organic Chemistry


2003Ph.D.North Carolina State University
1990M.S.North Carolina State University
1983B.S.Davidson College


Aug 2009-presentAssociate Professor, GGC
Jun 2006-Jul 2009Associate Professor, USMA
Aug 2003-May 2006 & Feb 1991-Jul 1993Assistant Professor, USMA
Aug 1990-Jan 1991Instructor, USMA
Aug 1994-Aug 1995Adjunct Professor, Drury College, MO (Fort Leonard Wood campus)

Academic Achievement

GGC Scholarly and Creative Activities Award, 2012
Co-recipient, Blackboard Catalyst Award, 2012
Biltmore Who’s Who in North American Education, 2012
Co-recipient, TAG Excalibur Award, 2011
Marquis Who’s Who in Science and Engineering, 2008
Phi Kappa Phi Scholastic Achievement Award, 2008
Gamma Sigma Epsilon National Chemistry Honor Society Inductee, 2006
USMA Junior Faculty Teaching Award, 1993
Phi Kappa Phi National Honor Society Inductee, 1989
Phi Lambda Upsilon Chemistry Honor Society Inductee, 1989


Secretary, Georgia Academy of Science, 2012-present (member 2009-present)
Member, AAAS, 2012-present
Editor-in-Chief, American Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2012; Editorial Board Member, 2011-2012
Member, I-Teach Chemistry forum, 2011-present
Member, ResearchGate forum, 2011-present
Member, Council on Undergraduate Research, 2010-present
Member, National Science Teacher Association, 2010-present
Panel Reviewer, Nature, 2010-2011
Member, Educause, 2009-present
Senior Evaluator, NYEMA Radiological Exercise, 2009
Proposal Reviewer, FY 2009 ECBC ILIR Program, 2008
Co-Chair, US Army Basic Chemical Science Research Review Panel, 2007
Proposal Reviewer, NSF, “Fluorescent Sensors and Conjugated Polymers,” 2007
Program Reviewer, Defense Threat Reduction Agency, “Novel Methods for WMD Explosives Detection,” 2006
Program Reviewer, US Department of Energy, “Magnetic Resonance Detection and Measurement of Nuclear Material,” 2005
Plan Reviewer, ECBC, “Chemical/Biological Warfare Agent Decontamination Efficacy Test Plan,” 2005
Panel Member, National Defense University, Communities of Practice: WMD, 2004-2006
Active member of the Fluorine and Organic Divisions of the American Chemical Society, 2003-present; member, Georgia Section, 2009-present

Publications: Journals

[1]  Sloop, J., Boyle, P., Fountain, A.W., Gomez, C.*, Jackson, J., Pearman, W., Schmidt, R., Weyand, J.* "Novel Fluorinated Indanone, Tetralone and Naphthone Derivatives: Synthesis and Unique Structural Features," Appl. Sci. Special Edition: Organo-Fluorine Chemical Science, 2012, 2, 61-99.
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Publications: Books/Book Chapters

[1]  Sloop, J., Boyle, P., Fountain, A.W., Gomez, C.*, Jackson, J., Pearman, W., Schmidt, R., Weyand, J.* "Novel Fluorinated Indanone, Tetralone and Naphthone Derivatives: Synthesis and Unique Structural Features," in Organo-Fluorine Science – Inventing the Fluorine Future, (e-book) edited by Helmut M. Hügel, Applied Sciences, 2012, 2, pp. 27-65.
[2]  Pursell, D., Sloop, J., Pennington, R., Paredes, J., Tsoi, M., Dekhane, S. "Enabling 21st Century Student Success in Undergraduate Organic Chemistry," in Advances in Teaching Organic Chemistry, ACS Books, Washington, DC, 2012.
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