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Valery Georgievich Kunitsyn

Editorial Board Member of International Journal of Biophysics

Research Scientist, Institute of Biochemistry of the Siberian Department of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Russia

Research Areas

The Structural Phase Transitions in Biomembranes, Lipoproteines and DNA, The Functions and Mechanisms of Deformation of the Cells


1970-1972postgraduateDepartment "Neurophysiology" in the Novosibirsk Institute of Physiology


2003-2010Siberian Transport University , professor of the chair of physics
1987-presentLeading research scientist of biophysics in the institute of biochemistry of the Siberian Department of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences
1973-presentNovosibirsk medical institute as a teacher and lector of the biochemical department

Publications: Journals

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[5]  Change in the secondary structure of highly polymeric DNA and CC(GCC)(n)-type oligonucleotides under the action of steroid hormones and their complexes with apolipoproteine A-I. Panin L.E., Kunitsyn V.G., Tuzikov F.V//.J.Phys. Chem B 110 (27).P.13560-13571.
[6]  Mechanisms of interaction of tetrahydrocortisol and its apo-A-I complex with a model DNA regulatory element CC(GCC)5/GG(CGG)5 . Panin L.E., Kunitsyn V.G. Polyakov L.M. //Biophysics. 2008.Vol.53. N.1.P.26-30.
[7]  Mechanism and thermodynamics of multilevel structural transitions in liquid crystals under external actions. Panin L.E., Kunitsyn V.G. Physical Mesomechanics.2008. V.12. № 1.P.1-7.
[8]  The initiation mechanism of gene expression in ascitic hepatoma cells under the action of dehydroepiandrosterone in a complex with apolipoprotein A-I. Panin L.E., Kunitsyn V.G.//Current Chemical Biology. 2009.V.3. №3. P. 306-314.
[9]  The interaction mechanism of cortisol and catecholamines with structural components of erythrocyte membranes Panin L.E.,.Mokrushnikov P.V,.Kunitsyn V.G and. Zaitsev B.N //J.Physical Chem.B 2010. 114,9462-9473.
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[11]  Protein Structure/Ed. by L.M.Haggerty 2011 (Panin L.E., Kunitsyn V.G. Polyakov L.M. Chapter 8. Structural changes in blood plasma lipoproteins in the physiological temperature range and their interaction with steroid hormones. )

Publications: Conferences/Workshops/Symposiums

[1]  Structural phase transition in the erythrocyte membranes in normal and pathological conditions. Kunitsyn V.G.,Nekrasova M.F. Intern.Shcool-Seminar. Multilevel Approa in Physical Mesomechanics 9-12 Sеptember 2008 Tomsk.Russiaa.P.316-317.
[2]  Deformation of erythrocytes and mechanism of structural changes in them under the influence of stress hormones. Kunitsyn V.G., Panin L.E.//15 th International Conference on the Methods of Aerophysical Research. November 1-6. 2010. Novosibirsk. Russia.
[3]  Mechanism of structural changes in the erythrocyte membrane under the action of cytochalasin. Kunitsyn V.G.//15 th International Conference on the Methods of Aerophysical Research. November 1-6. 2010. Novosibirsk. Russia.