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Antonio J Torija

Editorial Board Member of American Journal of Environmental Engineering

Post-doctoral Fellow, University of Granada, Spain

Research Areas

Air Pollution, Environmental Acoustics, Decision Support Systems, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Technology, Integrated Assessment, Neural Networks, Spatial Analysis and Spatial Modelling, Statistical Modelling, Territorial Planning


2010Ph.DUniversity of Granada


presentPostdoctoral Fellow, Project of Excellence program of the Government of Andalusia, at the University of Granada
2007-2010 Assistant Professor in "Physics of the Environment" subject within the Bachelor of Environmental Science
2009-2010 Professor in the MASTER IN ENVIRONMENTAL AND QUALITY MANAGEMENT, University of Granada

Publications: Conferences/Workshops/Symposiums/Journals/Books

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[2]  A. J. Torija, D. P. Ruiz, A. Ramos-Ridao. Developing an Artificial Neural Network for Modeling and Prediction of Temporal Structure and Spectral Composition of Environmental Noise in Cities. Chapter in Book "Artifical Neural Networks-Aplication". Ed. InTech. Vienna, Austria. ISBN 978-953-307-188-6.
[3]  A. J. Torija, N. Genaro, D. P. Ruiz, A. Ramos-Ridao, M. Zamorano, I. Requena. Priorization of acoustic variables: Environmental decision support for the physical characterization of urban sound environments. Building and Environment 2010;45(6):1477-1489. Article selected for the inclusion in Science for Environment Policy. DG Environment News Alert Service, Issue 190, March 2010.
[4]  N. Genaro, A. Torija, A. Ramos, I. Requena, D. Ruiz, M. Zamorano. A neural network based model for urban noise prediction. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 2010;128(4):1738-1746.
[5]  A. J. Torija, D. P. Ruiz, A. Ramos-Ridao. Required stabilization time, short-term variability and impulsiveness of the sound pressure level to characterize the temporal composition of urban soundscapes. Applied Acoustics, 2011;72(2-3):89-99.
[6]  A. J. Torija, D. P. Ruiz, A. Ramos-Ridao, D. Botteldooren, B. De Coensel, B. Berglund. Relationship between road and railway noise annoyance and overall indoor sound exposure. Transportation Research Part D-Transport and Environment 2011;16(1):15-22.