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Anoop Kumar Patiar

Editorial Board Member of Human Resource Management Research

Head of Academic Department/Faculty, Griffith Business School, Australia

Research Areas

Quality Management Practices in Hotels, Organisational Commitment, Sustainable Practices in Hotels, Job Satisfaction Among Hospitality Employees


2005PhDManagement Accounting, Griffith University
1995MBAManagement, Qld. University of technology
1982GD Edu.Education, University of Wales
1975HCIMAHotel management, Portsmouth University
1973DMSManagement, Plymouth University


1989Senior Lecturer, Deputy Head of Department
1986-1989Lecturer, College of Tourism and Hospitality
1980-1986Lecturer, Llandrillo Technical College, North Wales, UK


HSL, Nathan Deputy Head of Department(2011-present)
Moderator for Hospitality Financial Control for Auckland University of Technology(2007)
Member of GBS Learning and Teaching Committee
Member of CAUTHE 2008 Planning Committee

Publications: Journals

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Publications: Conferences/Workshops/Symposiums

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Publications: Books/Book Chapters

[1]  Patiar, A. (1991). Open Learning Project Tourism and Hospitality Management, Study Package in Food and Beverage Management. University of Southern Queensland.