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Ronald Dong

Editorial Board Member of American Journal of Chemistry

Professor, University of British Columbia, Canada

Research Areas

iquid crystals physics, Nuclear magnetic resonance, Soft Matter


1966-1969Ph.D.Physics, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
1962-1966B.A.Sc.Engineering Science, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


2007-2011Honorary Professor University of British Columbia, Canada
1989-2007Adjunct Professor University of Manitoba, Canada
1984-2007Professor Brandon University, Canada
1982-1982Adjunct Associate Professor, Kent State University, U.S.A.
1980-1984Associate Professor, Brandon University, Canada
1978-1980Assistant Professor, Brandon University
1975-1978Assistant Professor, University of Winnipeg
1973-1975Research Associate/ University of Winnipeg , Instructor Canada
1971-1973NRC Postdoctoral Fellow, National Research Council, Ottawa, Canada

Academic Achievement

2006, Research Board of AdvisorsHonorary appointment by American Biographical Institute
2006, Man of the YearConferred by American Biographical Institute
1988, Senate Award of Excellence in Research
1971-1973, National Research Council Postdoctoral Fellowship
1966-1970, National Research Council Scholarships


Member of American Physical Society
Member of Canadian Association of Physicists

Publications: Journals

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