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Raghunandan Deshpande

Editorial Board Member of American Journal of Chemistry

Head of Academic Department/Faculty, H.K.E.S's Matoshree Taradevi Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, India

Research Areas

Nanobiotechnology, Pharmaceutical Analysis and Chemistry, Cancer, Antibacterial


PH.DUnder Jawaharlal Nehru Technical University, Hyderabad
M. PharmacyAdvanced Pharmaceutical Chemistry


2007-present Production chemist for Herbal formulation, SMS Pharmaceuticals, Hyderabad, South Ridge, SC
2006-2007 Lecturer, RMES’s College of Pharmacy, Gulbarga, Gulbarga
2001-2005Lecturer, HKES’s College of Pharmacy, Gulbarga, Gulbarga

Publications: Conferences/Workshops/Symposiums/Journals/Books

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