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Alejandro Rodríguez

Editorial Board Member of American Journal of Chemistry

Professor, Chemical Engineering Department, Campus of Rabanales, building Marie Curie. University of Córdoba, Spain

Research Areas

Lignocellulosic Material, Biomass, Bleaching, Pulp, Paper, Biorefinery, Agrifood Residues, Hydrothermal, Organosolv


2002Ph.DSciences, Facultad de Ciencias, University of Córdoba
2001BachelorScience and Technology of Foods
1999BachelorChemistry, Facultad de Ciencias, University of Córdoba


2007-presentInvestigador Ramón y Cajal, Science Faculty, Córdoba University
2004-2006Profesor Ayudante Doctor, Experimental Science Faculty, Pablo de Olavide University
2002-2004Profesor Ayudante, Experimental Science Faculty, Pablo de Olavide University
2001-2002Research, Chemical Engineering Department, Córdoba University

Publications: Conferences/Workshops/Symposiums/Journals/Books

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