American Journal of Economics

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Hooi Hooi Lean

Editorial Board Member of American Journal of Economics

Lecturer, Universiti Sains, Malaysia

Research Areas

Financial Economics, Energy and Environmental Economics, Asia-Pacific and Chinese Economics, Applied Statistics and Econometrics


Ph.DEconomics, National University of Singapore


2008-presentNational University of Singapore, Senior Lecturer
2005-2008National University of Singapore, Lecturer

Publications: Conferences/Workshops/Symposiums/Journals/Books

[1]  Exchange Rate and Stock Price Interaction in Major Asian Markets: Evidence for Individual Countries and Panels Allowing for Structural Breaks, 2011, co-author with Paresh Narayan and Russell Smyth, Singapore Economic Review, 56(2), 255-277. [ISI].
[2]  Revisit Feldstein-Horioka Puzzle: Evidence from Malaysia, co-author with Chor Foon Tang, Economics Bulletin, 31(3), 2237-2249. [Scopus]
[3]  The Analysis of Relationship between Stock Prices and Exchange Rates: Evidence from Six Middle Eastern Financial Markets, 2011, co-author with Pardis Parsva, International Research Journal of Finance and Economics, 66, 157-171. [Scopus]
[4]  Will Obama's Economic Stimulus Package Be Effective? Evidence from the Misery Index, 2011, co-author with Russell Smyth, Applied Economics Letters, 18, 493-495. [ISI]
[5]  Corporate Social Responsibilities and Stock Returns: Stochastic Dominance Approach, 2011, co-author with Yuan Chang, African Journal of Business Management, 5(4), 1277-1285. [ISI]
[6]  The Effect of Intellectual Capital on Firm's Performance: Evidence from Servicing and Non-servicing Sectors in Malaysia, 2011, co-author with Irene W.K. Ting, Yee Chuann Chan, Terengganu International Finance and Economics Journal, 1(1), 25-33.
[7]  Liberalization and Interaction among China's Stock Markets: A Re-visit, 2010, International Journal of China Studies, 1(3), 735-748. [EconLit]
[8]  Market Efficiency of Oil Spot and Futures: A Mean-Variance and Stochastic Dominance Approach, 2010, co-author with Michael McAleer and Wing-Keung Wong, Energy Economics, 32, 979-986. [ISI].
[9]  Multivariate Granger causality between electricity generation, exports, prices and GDP in Malaysia, 2010, co-author with Russell Smyth, Energy, 35, 3640-3648. [ISI].
[10]  Existence of the day-of-the-week effect in FTSE Bursa Malaysia, 2010, co-author with Veronica Kah Min Tan, Jurnal Pengurusan, 31, 3-11 (lead article). [Scopus]