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Wing Hong Chui

Editorial Board Member of American Journal of Sociological Research

Associate Professor, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Research Areas

Sociology of Crime and Deviance, Criminal Justice, Social Work, Youth Work


1996-2000Ph.D Criminology, University of Cambridge
1994-1995M.Phil.Criminology, University of Cambridge
1990-1993B.S.W.The University of Hong Kong


2008-presentAssociate Professor, The University of Hong Kong, Department of Social Work and Social Administration
2007-2008Associate Professor, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Faculty of Law
2005-2007Adjunct Associate Professor in Criminology (2010-present), Adjunct Senior Lecturer in Criminology (2007-2010), Senior Lecturer in Criminology (2005-2007), University of Queensland, Australia School of Social Science
2002-2005Assistant Professor, City University of Hong Kong, China, School of Law
2000-2002Lecturer in Social Work, University of Queensland, Australia, School of Social Work and Social Policy
1999-2000 Lecturer in Social Work, University of Exeter, UK, Department of Social Work and Probation Studies

Academic Achievement

1992-1993 HongKong and Shanghai Bank Scholarships, Swire Exhibitions (for Swire Hall at the University of Hong Kong)
1994-1995 Cambridge Commonwealth Trust, Cambridge Overseas Development Administration (ODA) Shared Scholarship, S.L. Pao Foundation Scholarship
1996-98 Li Po Chun Charitable Trust Fund Overseas Postgraduate Scholarships
2000 The Oxford and Cambridge Society of Hong Kong Scholarship Grant Award 1999-2000
2007-present Adjunct Associate Professor, School of Social Science, The University of Queensland
2009-2012 Visiting Research Fellow, The University of New South Wales

Publications: Conferences/Workshops/Symposiums/Journals/Books

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