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Iain McGowan

Editorial Board Member of International Journal of Clinical Psychiatry

Lecturer, University of Ulster, UK

Research Areas

Suicide, PTSD, Heroin Use, Mental Health, Mental Health Professionals Education


2006Post-Graduate DiplomaEducation of Nurses, Midwives & Health Visitors. University of Ulster
2001BSc (Hons)Health Sciences, University of Ulster
1998DiplomaNursing Studies (Mental Health Nursing), Queens University Belfast


2005-presentLecturer in Nursing University of Ulster, Londonderry
2002-2005Lecturer in Nursing University of Ulster, Coleraine
2002Staff Nurse Mater Hospital Trust
2001-2002Research Nurse Mater Hospital Trust
1999-2001Support Worker/Project Leader Mater Hospital Community Forum
1998-1999Staff Nurse Mater Hospital Trust
1998Staff Nurse Somerton Private Nursing Home

Publications: Conferences/Workshops/Symposiums/Journals/Books

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