American Journal of Geographic Information System

American Journal of Geographic Information System published articles about the recent research achievements of geographic information system. The goal of this journal is to track the development tendency of this specified system and make some contributions in the development of this fresh subject. As a comprehensive professional geographical science, geographic information system collects and analyzes various kinds of geographical data.

Emrah Hakki Erdogan

Editorial Board Member of American Journal of Geographic Information System

Post-doctoral Fellow, EC-Joint Research Center, Italy

Research Areas

Soil Scince, Geographic Information System


2001-2008Ph.DAnkara University
1998-2001M.Sc Ankara University Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences on soil genesis and clay mineralogy
1994-1998B.Sc Ankara University, Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Soil Science, Turkey


2010-present Researcher, European Commission-Joint Research Center, Institute of Environment and Sustainability Rural Water, Ecosystem Unit, Ispra, ITALY
2009-2010Soil & Landslide Expert, European Commission-Joint Research Center, Institute of Environment and Sustainability Land Management and Hazard Unit, Ispra, ITALY
2007-presentPublic Sector ( Permanent staff ), Turkish Ministry of Agriculture, General Directorate of Agricultural Reform (TRGM) Dept. of Soil Survey, Fatih Cad. No:6 06110 Dıskapı, Ankara, Turkey
2007Soil Scientist, Helsinki University, Faculty of Science, Department of Geoinformatics Helsinki, FINLAND
1998-2006Research & Teaching Assistant, Ankara University Faculty of Agriculture Department of Soil Science 06110 Dıskapı, Ankara, Turkey

Publications: Conferences/Workshops/Symposiums/Journals/Books

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