Marine Science

Marine Science publishes articles, short communications, and critical reviews that contribute to our scientific understanding of marine systems and the impact of human activities. The Journal serves as a foundation for scientific advice across the broad spectrum of management and conservation issues related to the marine environment. Oceanography, marine habitats, living resources, ecology and related management topics constitute the key elements of papers eligible for publication. Integrated studies that bridge gaps between traditional disciplines are particularly welcome. The scope of the journal also includes economic, social, and public administration studies to the extent that they are directly related to management of the seas and are of general interest to marine scientists. Papers of both fundamental and applied approaches are accepted.

Haixue Shen

Editorial Board Member of Marine Science

Research Scientist, Alaska Department of Fish and Game, USA

Research Areas

Groundfish Stock Assessment, Fishing Behavior, Fisheies Acoustics, Salmon Management


2009Ph.DFisheries, University of Alaska Fairbanks, School of Fish and Ocean Sciences Juneau Center, Juneau, AK, USA
2000M.S.Fishery Resources, Ocean University of China (Formerly Ocean University of Qingdao), College of Fisheries, Qingdao, Shandong, P.R.CHINA
1997B.S.Fishery Resources & Management, Ocean University of China (The former Ocean University of Qingdao), College of Fisheries, Qingdao, Shandong, P.R.China


2009-presentBiometrician II, Commercial Fisheries, Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Region I
2001-2004Research Assistant, Department of Fisheries Resources, Ocean University of China, Qingdao, Shandong, P.R. China
2000-2001Visiting Researcher, Faculty of Fisheries, Nagasaki University, Japan

Publications: Conferences/Workshops/Symposiums/Journals/Books

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