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Jibendu Mantri

Editorial Board Member of American Journal of Mathematics and Statistics

Associate Professor, North Orissa University, India

Research Areas

Computational Finance, Software Engineering, Bio-Informatics.


2007-2010Ph.DJyoti Vihar, (Sambalpur University)
2000-2002M.TechUtkal University
1987-1989M.PhilBhanja Vihar, (Berhampur University)
1985-1987M.ScUtkal University
1983-1985B.ScUtkal University


2004-presentAssociate Prof.& Head of the Deptt.Registrar, North Orissa University
2002-2004Lecturer Registrar.Sambalpur University
1989-2002Lecturer, Principal & DPI, Higher Edu, Orissa
2004Lecturer, Guest faculty, UCE, (Vira Surendrasai University, Burla) Principal, UCE, Burla (Vira Surendrasai University)
2004Lecturer Guest Faculty, G.M(A) College, Sambalpur Principal, G.M. (A)College, Sambalpur


Chairman, Computer Syllabus Committee, Board of Secondary Education, Orissa, (Govt. of Orissa)., India
Orissa State Govt. approval for implementation of New Syllabus, 1st time in Orissa "Certificate Course in Computer Sc" (framed by myself & my team) in Class-IX & X in Secondary Board of Education with effect from 2011-2012 session by letter no.IX.SME.(BSE
Member of Board of Studies-MTech (Computer Sc & Engineering) 2011-12 to introduce New Syllabus MTech Computer Sc Engineering, North Orissa University
Head of the Deptt(In-charge) of M.Sc Math & Computing
Member of Studies & Subject Research Committee, North Orissa University, for 2009-10, 2010-2011
Member of Board of Studies of MCA, North Orissa University, from 2004 to 2011
Member of Board of Studies of M.Sc (Math & Computing), North Orissa University from 2006 to 2011
Member of Board of Studies of undergraduate CompSc (Pass & Hons), North Orissa University, from 2008 to 2011
Member of Board of Studies of Comp.Sc, MPC (A) College, Baripada from, 2009 to 2011
Member of Board of Studies of Comp.Sc, F.M.(A)College, Balasore for 2006-07 & 2007-08
Vice-Chancellor nominee as Member of Board of Studies of Comp.Sc, D.D. (A) College, Keonjhar for 2009-10 & 2010-11
Member of Board of Studies of Comp.Sc, North Orissa University (DDCE) from 2009-11
Member of Board of Studies of Bio-Informatics, North Orissa University, from 2006 to 2011
Convener-Website time-North Orissa University
Co-ordinator of National Mission through ICT, North Orissa University from 2009
Convener-Computer Centre., North Orissa University

Publications: Journals

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[15]  J.K.Mantri and, P.Gahan Financial Forecasting with Neural Networks, Proceedings of Seminar cum Workshop Learning and Governance, F.M.(A) College, Balasore, 10-11 March 2007, pp 87-95

Publications: Books/Book Chapters

[1]  Research Methodology on Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) By Dr.J.K. Mantri, 2008, Universal-Publishers, Florida USA, ISBN-10: 1-59942-950-0, ISBN-13: 978-1-59942-950-2
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