International Journal of Ecosystem

The International Journal of Ecosystem (IJE) is a peer-reviewed journal publishes papers from original research in all areas of ecosystem structure and function as impacted by the changes in climate and land and water use and management practices in a given environment. In the aforementioned context the characterization of ecosystem structural components as community of plants, animals and smaller organisms that live, feed, reproduce and how they interact with each other in the same area or environment, their interdependency are essential for the improved understanding of the functioning of the structural components. The modifications in the structural components as impacted by human imposed changes and/or linked to climate changes are poorly understood and/or are not recorded after rigorous review. In aforementioned context the IJE provides a forum for discussion in the modifications in ecosystem structural components and the associated functions around the world, particularly from developing countries, aimed at the sustainable use of natural resources. Critical review articles are also welcome.

G.M. Narasimha Rao

Editorial Board Member of International Journal of Ecosystem

Assistant Professor, Andhra University, India

Research Areas

Ecology, Biology and Physiological Studies on Algae and Mangroves


1989Ph.D Botany in Andhra University
1984M.PhilMarine algae in Andhra University
1981M.ScMarine algae in Andhra University


2006-PresentTeaching for Post-Graduates and Research, Andhra University
1998-2006Teaching for under graduates, NEWS Degree College
1994-1998Teaching for +2 Students, AVK Junior College
1988-1989Bio gas extraction and cultivation of some economically important sea seeds, CSIR-New Delhi
1991-1994Cultural aspects of some Marine algae, CSIR-New Delhi
1985-1988Eco-Physiological Studies on mangroves, D.OEn-NewDelhi

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Publications: Books/Book Chapters

[1]  Applied Phycology. M.Sc. Distance Education. AU. Visakhapatnam. Co-Author for 9 Chapters.2007.