American Journal of Condensed Matter Physics

American Journal of Condensed Matter physics is a peer reviewed, scientific journal, which publishes papers that contain fundamental condensed matter science.

Vladimir K. Mukhomorov

Editorial Board Member of American Journal of Condensed Matter Physics

Research Scientist, Agrophysical Institute, Russia

Research Areas

Condensed Matter, Bipolarons, Polarons, Solvated Electrons, Theoretical Physics, Biophysics, Agricultural scinces,Applied Information Theory, Bioactivity Compounds,QSAR, Radioprotectors


1967-1970post-doctoralPolytechnic University, Leningrad


1988-present Head of Department (Sector), Agrophysical Institute, St-Petersburg
1979-1988Senior Researcher, Institute of Medicine, Dept. of Biophysics and Mathematical Modeling , Leningrad

Publications: Conferences/Workshops/Symposiums/Journals/Books

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