Resources and Environment

Resources and Environment focuses on introducing the current situation of resources and environment to make the broad masses of the people know the meaning and value of sustainable development as a kind of public academic journal. The current policies and related management measures designed for sustainable development will be mentioned in this journal.

Sina Khatami M.

Engineer, Department of Water Resources Engineering, Lund University, Sweden

Research Areas

Watershed restoration, Data analysis, Subsurface hydrology and soil water, Water resources management

Academic Achievement

Graduate Research/Teaching Assistant, Department of Water Resources Eng., Lund University, 2012-present
Undergraduate Research Assistant, Techno-Economic Road Safety Research Center, FUM, 2009-10
Outstanding Undergraduate Student, Civil Engineering Department, FUM, 2006
Undergraduate Teaching Assistant, Civil Engineering Department, FUM, 2006-9


WaterSISWEB, Supervisor of Hydrology category
American Society of Civil Engineering (ASCE)/ EWRI
Student Member of American Water Resources Association (AWRA)