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Sundeep Dhawan

Editorial Board Member of American Journal of Polymer Science

Research Scientist, National Physical Laboratory (CSIR), India

Research Areas

Conducting Polymers, Nano ferromagnetic Composites, EMI Shielding, Microwave Absorbing Materials, Corrosion Preventive materials


1986Zu-Satz StudiumTechnical University, Merseburg, Germany
1983Ph.D.University of Rajasthan
1978M.Sc.M.D. University


1986-1987 Pool Officer, C.E.C.R.I., Karaikudi
1987-1988Scientist Fellow, CECRI, Karaikudi
1988-1992Scientist B, CECRI, Karaikudi
1992-1997Scientist C, NPL, New Delhi
1997-2001Scientist EI, NPL, New Delhi
2001-2006Scientist EII, NPL, New Delhi
2006-presentScientist F, NPL, New Delhi

Academic Achievement

Received Citation at the 87th Session of the Indian Science Congress, Pune held on Jan. 3-7, 2000
Best Scientist Award for Outstanding Performance (NPL) in 2009


Fellow of Society for the Advancement of Electrochemical Science And Technology, Karaikudi
Life Member of Indian Society of Analytical Scientists
Life Member of the Magnetic Fluid Society of India
Life Member of the Society for Polymer Science
Life Member of Indian Carbon Society

Publications: Conferences/Workshops/Symposiums/Journals/Books

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