American Journal of Polymer Science

American Journal of Polymer Science has provided a continuous forum for the dissemination of thoroughly peer-reviewed, fundamental, international research into the preparation and properties of macromolecules. The journal is selective in accepting contributions on the basis of merit and originality. Preference is given to contributions that offer new or more comprehensive concepts, interpretations, experimental approaches, and results.

Sudipta Goswami

Editorial Board Member of American Journal of Polymer Science

Associate Professor, Birla Institute of Technology, India

Research Areas

Polymer Blends and Ipns, Biomedical Application of Polymers, Polymer Composites


2006Ph.DCalcutta University
1997M.TechIndian Institute of Technology, Delhi
1994B.TechCalcutta University


2011-presentAssociate Professor, BIT, Mesra, Ranchi
2008-2011Reader, BIT, Mesra, Ranchi
2006-2008Senior Lecturer, BIT, Mesra, Ranchi
2005-2006Research Associate (CSIR, Govt. of India), Calcutta University
1997-2002Lecturer, BIT, Mesra

Publications: Conferences/Workshops/Symposiums/Journals/Books

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