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Salih Muhammad Awadh

Editorial Board Member of Geosciences

Professor, University of Baghdad, College of Science, Iraq

Research Areas



1986B.ScGeneral Geology from Baghdad University
1992M.ScGeochemistry from Baghdad University
2006Ph.DGeochemistry and Economic Geology, University of Baghdad, Iraq


2011-presentAssist. Prof. Dr. as an academic member of teaching staff at Earth Sciences Department, College of Science, University of Baghdad-Iraq
1997-2001Contractor with the Higher Education and Scientific Research Ministry in the Great Republic of Libya
1996-1997Contractor with administration of Science College at the drug and chemical materials project, and External lecturer in the Geology Dept.-Science College – Baghdad University
1994-1996Head of the geological studies department and laboratory at the Ministry of industry – General Establishment of Phosphate – Akkashat Mine-Western Desert of Iraq
1992-1994Manager of production in the Magnesium Oxide Project-Ministry of industry-Iraq

Publications: Journals

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