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Rajendran Lingan

Editorial Board Member of American Journal of Biochemistry

Assistant Professor, Assistant Professor (Plant Pathology), India

Research Areas

Biological Control, Induced Systemic Resistance and Molecular Biology


1997-2001B.ScTamil Nadu Agricultural University
2001-2003M.ScTamil Nadu Agricultural University
2003-2007Ph.DTamil Nadu Agricultural University


2009-presentAssistant Professor (Plant Pathology), HRS, Ooty
2008-2009Young scientist, TNAU, Coimbatore
2006-2008Senior Research Fellow, TNAU, Coimbatore

Academic Achievement

Student fellowships-Network project on wilt of crops-coconut-Ganoderma wilt
Passed National Eligibility Test (NET) for lectureship conducted by Agriculture scientist recruitment board (ASRB)-2005
Young scientist fellowship
Dr. M.J. Narasimhan Academic Merit Award
Best paper in poster presentation (S-01 Modern concepts of Biological control)

Publications: Journals

[1]  Rajendran, L., Saravanakumar, D., Raguchander, T and Samiyappan, R. 2006. Endophytic bacterial induction of defence enzymes against bacterial blight of cotton. Phytopathol. Mediterr., 45: 203–214.
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[3]  Rajendran, L., Samiyappan, R., Raguchander, T and Saravanakumar, D. 2007. Endophytic bacteria mediate plant resistance against cotton bollworm. Journal of Plant Interactions 2(1):1-10.
[4]  Rajendran, L., Karthikeyan, G., Raguchander, T and Samiyappan, R. 2007. In vitro evaluation of bacterial endophytes influence on Ganoderma lucidum (leys) karst. mycelial growth. Journal of Plant Protection Research 47 (4): 425-436.
[5]  Saravanakumar, D., Muthumeena, B., Lavanya, N., Suresh, S., Rajendran, L., Raguchander, T.and Samiyappan, R. 2007. Pseudomonas induced defense molecules in rice against leaffolder (Cnephalocrocis medinalis) pest. Pest Management Science 63:714–721.
[6]  Rajendran, L., Karthikeyan, G., Raguchander, T and Samiyappan, R., 2008. Cloning and sequencing of novel Endophytic Bacillus subtilis from coconut for the Management of Basal Stem Rot Disease. Asian Journal of Plant Pathology, 2(1): 1-14.
[7]  Rajendran, L and Samiyappan, R. 2008. Endophytic Bacillus Species Confer Increased Resistance in Cotton against Damping off Disease Caused by Rhizoctonia solani. Plant Pathology Journal 7 (1): 1-12.
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[10]  Rajendran L., G. Karthikeyan, A. Kandan and R. Samiyappan. 2009. Early detection of Ganoderma lucidum causing basal stem rot disease in coconut plantations. Journal of Oil Palm Research 21: 627-635.
[11]  Lavanya, N., Saravanakumar, D., Rajendran, L., Ramiah, M. and Samiyappan, R. 2009. Characterization of necrosis virus and its suppression through anti-viral substance mediated defense molecules in sunflower. Archives of Phytopathology and Plant Protection 42 (3): 265-276.
[12]  Aswini, D., K. Prabakar, L. Rajendran, G. Karthikeyan and T. Raguchander. 2010. Efficacy of new EC formulation derived from garlic creeper (Adenocalymma alliaceum Miers.) against anthracnose and stem end rot diseases of mango. World Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology, 26 (6): 1107-1116.
[13]  Manikandan, R., D. Saravanakumar, L. Rajendran, T. Raguchander, R. Samiyappan. 2010. Standardization of liquid formulation of Pseudomonas fluorescens Pf1 for its efficacy against Fusarium wilt of tomato. Biological control, 54: 83–89.
[14]  Rajendran, L., A. Ramanathan, C. Durairaj and R. Samiyappan 2010. Endophytic Bacillus subtilis enriched with chitin offer induced systemic resistance in cotton against aphid infestation. Archives of Phytopathology and Plant Protection (accepted).
[15]  Senthil, R., K. Prabakar, L. Rajendran and G. Karthikeyan. 2011. Efficacy of different biological control agents against major postharvest pathogens of grapes under room temperature storage conditions. Phytopathol. Mediterr. 50: 1-10.
[16]  Akila, R., L. Rajendran, S. Harish, K. Saveetha, T. Raguchander and R. Samiyappan 2011. Combined application of botanical formulations and biocontrol agents for the management of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cubense (Foc) causing Fusarium wilt in banana. 57 (3) : 175-183.

Publications: Books/Book Chapters

[1]  Selvaraj, N., Anitha, B., Aruna raju, Shanthi, V.P and Rajendran, L. 2010. Commercial Strawberry Production- a cultivation guide. Nandiseva printing works, No.8, YBA building, Lord wenlock road, Udhagamandalam. ISBN No.978-81-904072-7-4.
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[3]  Kandan, A., Rajendran, L., Raguchander, T and Samiyappan, R. 2010. Rapid Detection of Ganoderma disease of coconut by Immunoassay and PCR. Daya Publishing House, Delhi. Pp 131-144.