Clinical Medicine and Diagnostics

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Lena Grönblom Lundström

Editorial Board Member of Clinical Medicine and Diagnostics

Post-doctoral Fellow, Clinic of Rehabilitation Medicine, Sweden

Research Areas

Rehabilitation, Health Theories, Gender


1998Master degree
1988Bachelor degree


2009-2011Post-doctoral Fellow
2007Clinic of Rehabilitation medicine, Umeå University hospital
2004-2006Occupational health care, County Council, Västerbottten
1997-2003Project manager, Umeå University hospital
1993-1997Director of department, Umeå University hospital
1982-1993Back Pain Unit, Clinic of Orthopaedics, Umeå University hospital
1980-1981Clinic of Rehabilitation Medicine, Umeå University hospital
1976-1979Clinic of Social Medicine, Umeå University hospital
1974-1975Health Care Centre, Finland
1974Medical Centre, Finland

Publications: Journals

[1]  Johansson H, Stenlund H, Lundström L, Weinehall L. Reorientation to more health promotion in health services- a study of barriers and possibilities from the perspective of health professionals. Journal of Multidisciplinary healthcare, 2010:3 213-224.
[2]  Grönblom Lundström L. Further arguments in support of a humanistic social perspective in physiotherapy vs. the biomedical model. Physiotherapy Theory and Practice, 24(6):393-396, 2008
[3]  Grönblom Lundström, L. Rehabilitation in light of different theories of health. Outcome for patients with low-back complaints- a theoretical discussion. Thesis Umeå University, 2001
[4]  Grönblom Lundström L. Conditions for acting. A theoretical discussion. Nordisk Fysioterapi 2: 37-40, 1998
[5]  Grönblom Lundström L. Health as a measure of rehabilitation: Outcome for patients with low back pain. Physiotherapy Theory and Practice 8: 67-77, 1992
[6]  Lundström L. Hälsobegrepp och behandlingsutfall [Health concepts and treatment outcomes]. FoU Rapport nr 1, 159-164, Nursing School, Göteborg, 1988
[7]  Lundström L, Johansson R. Sociala och demografiska faktorer relaterat till sjukdomsförloppet hos en grupp vårdsökande ryggpatienter inom öppenvården [Social and demographic factors related to the course of the disease in health seeking patients with low back pain within outpatient care]. Research Report nr 68, Dept. of social Medicine, Umeå University, 1987.