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Tarek Shokeir

Editorial Board Member of Clinical Medicine and Diagnostics

Professor, Dept. of Ob/Gyn, Mansoura University Hospital, Mansoura Faculty of Medicine, Egypt

Research Areas

Gynecologic Endoscopy, Infertility


2000M.D.Obstetrics & Gynecology, Mansoura Faculty of Medicine, Mansoura University, Egypt.
1993M.ScObstetrics & Gynecoogy, Mansoura Faculty of Medicine, Mansoura University, Egypt.
1988M.B., B.Ch. Mansoura Faculty of Medicine, Mansoura University, Egypt.


presentProfessor of OB/GYN, Mansoura University Hospital, Mansoura Faculty of Medicine, Mansoura University, Mansoura, Egypt.
2006-2010Associate Professor of OB/GYN, Mansoura University Hospital, Mansoura Faculty of Medicine, Mansoura University.
2001-2006Lecturer in OB/GYN, Mansoura University Hospital, Mansoura Faculty of Medicine, Mansoura.
Assistant Lecturer in the department of OB/GYN, Mansoura University Hospital, Mansoura Faculty of Medicine, Mansoura (5 years)
Resident in the department of OB/GYN, Mansoura University Hospital, Mansoura (36 months).
Rotating Intership, Mansoura University Hospitals (12 months).


Member of the American Association of Gynaecologic Laparoscopists (AAGL)
Member of the Egyptian Fertility Society
Member of the Egyptian Society for Perinatology

Publications: Conferences/Workshops/Symposiums/Journals/Books

[1]  Shokeir T, Naser El-lakkany, Ehab Sadek, Maged El-shamy, Hatem Abo-hashem. An RCT: Use of oxytocin drip during hysteroscopic endometrial resection and its effect on operative blood loss and glycine deficit. J Minimally Invasive Gynecol, 2011 May 13 (Article in Press).
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