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Dawei Fan

Editorial Board Member of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Engineer, New York Independent System Operator, USA

Research Areas

Power System Analysis, Operation, Planning, Energy Market, Smart Grid, Policy and Environmental Impact


2008Ph.DPower Systems, Virginia Tech, USA
2002MasterElectric Power Engineering, Wuhan University, China
1999BachelorElectric Power Engineering, Wuhan University, China


2008-presentSystem and Resource Planner , New York Independent System Operator Inc., USA
2006-2007Power Lab Manager , Virginia Tech, USA
2005-2006Instructo, Virginia Tech, USA
2004-2005Research Assistant , Virginia Tech, USA


IEEE Member
PSRC industry advisor

Publications: Conferences/Workshops/Symposiums/Journals/Books

[1]  2011 joint report on the impact of environmental and renewable technology issues in the northeast: ISO New England, New York ISO and PJM, addressing issues in support of the Northeast Coordinated System Plan (NCSP). http://www.isone. com/committees/comm_wkgrps/othr/ipsac/mtrls/2011/jun272011/env_renewable_report.pdf.
[2]  Growing Wind: Final Report of the NYISO 2010 Wind Generation Study, http://www.nyiso.com/public/webdocs/newsroom/press_releases/2010/GROWING_WIND_-_Final_Report_of_the_NYISO_2010_Wind_Generation_Study.pdf.
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