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Yanna Liang

Editorial Board Member of World Environment

Assistant Professor, Southern Illinois University Carbondale, USA

Research Areas

Bioenvironmental Engineering, Biofuel Production


1992B.E.Suzhou University of Science and Technology, Environmental Engineering
2003M.S.Utah State University, Environmental Engineering
2006Ph.DUtah State University, Environmental Engineering
2006-2006PostdocUtah Water Research Laboratory, Bioenvironmental Engineering


2007-presentAssistant Professor Southern Illinois University at Carbondale
2007Air Quality Analyst III Idaho Department of Environmental Quality
1992-2000Professional Engineer Weihai Environmental Protection Agency, China

Academic Achievement

Adjunct Professor, Suzhou University of Science and Technology, 2010
2009 ASCE ExCEED Teaching Fellow
2009 SIUC Research, Scholarly and Creative Activity Awards
2006 AWRA-Utah section graduate student paper contest, first place
2005 EWRI graduate student technical paper contest, second place
2004-2006 Inland Northwest Research Alliance (INRA) fellow
2004 Air & Waste Management Association (AWMA) Scholarship


Tau Beta Pi-the Engineering honor society
Institute of Biological Engineering (Award search committee)
American Society of Civil Engineers
Society for Industrial Microbiology

Publications: Journals

[1]  Yanna Liang, 2011. Sorghum: Genetic Improvement for Biofuel Purpose. (Invited review). European Journal of Plant Science and Biotechnology. In review.
[2]  Ruplal Choudharya, Arosha Loku Umagiliyage, Y. Liang, Thara Siddaramu, John Haddock, Gediminas Markevicius. 2011. Microwave pretreatment for enzymatic saccharification of sweet sorghum bagasse. Biomass and Bioenergy. In review.
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[7]  Liang Y.-N., Thara Siddaramu, Jemil Yesuf, Nicolas Sarkany. 2010. Fermentable sugar release from Jatropha seed cakes following lime pretreatment and enzymatic hydrolysis. Bioresour. Technol. 101(16):6417-24.
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Publications: Conferences/Workshops/Symposiums

[1]  Yanna Liang. 2011. Sweet sorghum for biofuel production. Institute of Biological Engineering. Atlanta, GA, March 3-5.
[2]  Yi Cui, Yanna Liang, James Blackburn. Biofuel production from industrial waste crude glycerol through yeast fermentation. Institute of Biological Engineering. Atlanta, GA, March 3-5.
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Publications: Books/Book Chapters

[1]  Liang Y.-N., 2011. Sweet sorghum as an energy crop. In Sorghum: Cultivation, Varieties and Uses. Edited by Tom├ís D. Pereira, Nova Science Publishers, Inc., Hauppauge, NY. ISBN: 978-1-61209-688-9.
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