Journal of Wireless Networking and Communications

Journal of Wireless Networking and Communications is to provide a high profile, leading edge international forum for the practicing engineers and academic researchers working in the field to contribute, to disseminate innovative and important new work on wireless communications and networking technologies. Papers should emphasize origina1 results to the theory and/or applications of wireless communications and networking.

Ganesan Kaliyaperumal

Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Wireless Networking and Communications

Professor, VIT University, India

Research Areas

Digital Signal and Image Processing, Cryptography, Embedded System Design, Wireless Systems, Chaos based Security Systems in Transform Domains


1994-1997Post Doctoral FellowQueen's University of Belfast, Belfast, United Kingdom
1993Ph.DBharathidasan University
1986M.Sc.Bharathidasan University
1984B.Sc.University of Madras


2009-presentSenior Professor, VIT University
2008-presentDirector, TIFAC-CORE in Automotive Infotronics
2005-2008Professor, Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore
2004-2008Director, TIFAC-CORE in Automotive Infotronics
2002-2005Prof. & Head of CSE Dept, Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore
1999-2002Prof. & Head of IT Dept., Arunai Engineering College, TV Malai
1999Professor of MCA Dept., Arunai Engineering College, TV Malai
1998-1999Center Head, NIIT, Thiruvannamalai
1994-1997Post Doctoral Fellow, Queen’s University of Belfast, Belfast, U.K
1993-1994Research Associate, Bharathidasan University

Publications: Conferences/Workshops/Symposiums/Journals/Books

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[62]  An article about VIT-TIFAC-CORE an d some of the research works currently going on particularly with respect to safety are highlighted by Automonitor Magazine issue dated March 1-15, 2011.