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Journal of Health Sciences is a peer-reviewed journal that disseminates information, scholarship and experience in education, practice and investigation between medicine, nursing and all the sciences involved in health care. Aim of journal is to supply scientists of health with resources in order to provide the scientific knowledge, intellection and research and especially to improve health status and qualification of care for individuals, families and communities.

Fook Yee Chye

Editorial Board Member of Journal of Health Science

Head of Academic Department/Faculty, Universiti Malaysia Sabah, Malaysia

Research Areas

Food Microbiology, Food Safety, Fermentation, Probiotics and Natural Antimicrobial


PhDNational University of Malaysia


2001-2008Deputy Dean (Research and Innovation), School of Food Science and Nutrition, Universiti Malaysia Sabah
2004-presentResearch Fellow, Biotechnology Research Institute (BRI), UMS

Academic Achievement

Silver. Seoul International Invention Fair (Siif) 2010
Bronze, Bioinno Awards 2010. BioNovus: 1-3 Nov 2010
Bronze, Malaysian Technology Expo. 4-6 Feb 2010
Gold, BioInno Award 2009, BioMalaysia. 16-18 Nov 2009
Bronze, 37th International of Inventions, Geneva, Switzerland. 1-5 April 2009
Bronze, Malaysia Technology Expo. 19-21 Mac 2009
Silver, BioInno Awards 2008, BioMalaysia 2008. 7-9 Oct 2008
MSM-ASM-Biology Award Merit Award, Malaysian Microbiology Symposium 2008. 16-19 Aug 2008
Highest Commercialization Potential on the Invented Product. Research and Innovation Competition (PEREKA), UMS. 19-24 Aug. 2008

Publications: Journals

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Publications: Books/Book Chapters

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