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Peterus Thajeb

Editorial Board Member of Journal of Health Science

Head of Academic Department/Faculty, National Yang-Ming University, School of Medicine, Taiwan

Research Areas

Stroke, Mitochondrial Disorders, Neurodegeneration, Movement disorders, Neuroprotection


2007DMedSci (Hon.)Yorker International University, NY, USA
2007Ph.DBloomberg School of Public Health (JHUSPH), Baltimore, MD, USA John A. Burns School of Medicine (JABSOM), UHM, HI, USA
2006Doctor of Public Health courseJohns Hopkins University
2003Master program courseNational Yang-Ming University School of Life Science, Institute of Genetics
2001-2002Master program courseNational Taiwan University School of Medicine


2011-presentClinical Professor of Medicine (Neurology), National Yang-Ming University, Taipei, Taiwan
2010-present Vice Superintendent, Evergreen Hospital, Jhongli, Taiwan
2009-2010Vice-President, Council for Medical Education, China Medical University Hospital, Taipei Branch, Taiwan, ROC
2008-2009Director, Center for Stroke Care and Prevention, Cathay General Hospital Sijhih, Taiwan
2007Visiting neuroscientist, and PhD candidate, Biomedical Sciences, John A. Burns School of Medicine (JABSOM), University of Hawaii at Manoa, USA
2006Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine, National Yang-Ming University, Taipei, Taiwan, ROC
1999-2007Senior Attending Neurologist, Mackay Memorial Hospital, Taipei, Taiwan, ROC
1999-2005Instructor, Department of Internal Medicine, Taipei Medical University, Taiwan, ROC
1999-2000Director, Department of Neurology, Mackay Memorial Hospital, Taipei, Taiwan, ROC
1995-1996Visiting Researcher in Neuropharmacology, Neurological Sciences and Neural Transplantation, Rush-Presbyterian St Luke's Medical Center, Chicago, Illinois, USA
1988-1999Attending Neurologist and Teaching Staff, Cathay General Hospital and Medical Center, Taiwan
1986-1986Trainee (3 months) in Neuropathology, University of Washington at Seattle, WA, USA
1984-1988Neurology Residency and Fellow, Chang-Gung Memorial Hospital, Linkou, Taiwan, ROC
1982-1984Medical Residency, Internal Medicine, Mennonite Christian Hospital, Hualien, Taiwan, ROC

Academic Achievement

Recipient of Best overseas student, Taiwan, ROC, 1976
Championship in Neurology Board Examination (oral), Taiwan, ROC, 1987
Recipient of Best Attending Physician, Cathay General Hospital, Taiwan, ROC, 1992
Nomination in the Marquis Who's Who in the World, 1995-
First Runner-up Award, Best Platform Presentation (open category), 11th AOCN, 2004 (Singapore)
Honorary Doctorate in Medical Sciences, Yorker International University, USA (Dec 16, 2007)


1984-Member of the Chinese Medical Association
1984-Member of the Neurological Society ROC (Taiwan)
1987-Associate Clinical Member of the American Academy of Neurology
1987-2005 Active member of the International College of Angiology
1988-Active member of the New York Academy of Sciences
1989-Member of the International Society of Motor Disturbance and Movement Disorder Society, USA
1992-Inaugural member of the Charles Darwin Associates of the New York Academy of Sciences
1993-Fellow of the American Heart Association, Stroke Council (FAHA)
1996-Fellow of the American College of Angiology and International College of Angiology
1996-Fellow of the American Society for Neural Transplantation and Repair
1998-Regular member of the International Society of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism
2002-Active member, International Society of Neuroimmunology
2004-Active member, the American Society of Human Genetics
2005-International Active member of the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine
2007-Member of the World Stroke Organization
2008-Member of the American College of Emergency Physician

Publications: Conferences/Workshops/Symposiums/Journals/Books

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