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Michael Blank

Editorial Board Member of International Journal of Probability and Statistics

Professor, Russian Academy of Sciences, Inst. For Information Transmission Problems, Russia

Research Areas

Ergodic Theory, Dynamical Systems, Probability Theory


1998DoctorRussian Academy of Sciences
1985Ph.DMoscow State University


1994-presentRussian Academy of Sciences, Inst. forInformation Transmission Problems, Principal Scientific Researcher
2000-presentMoscow Independent University, Professor
1992-presentLaboratoire Cassiopee UMR6202, CNRS, France, (Spring term), Visiting Professor
2001-2002School of Mathematics, Georgia Institute of Technology (Fall term), Visiting Professor
1986-1993Russian Academy of Sciences, Inst. General Genetics, Senior Scientific Researcher
1983-1985Math. Dept. Moscow State Univ., Ph.D. student
1975-1986Laboratory of mathematical methods, All Union Centre of Cardiology, Sci. Researcher


1986-present, member of Moscow Mathematical Society
1991-present, member of American Mathematical Society
1991-present, member of International Soc. of Math. Phys

Publications: Conferences/Workshops/Symposiums/Journals/Books

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