Research in Zoology

Research in Zoology is a peer-reviewed journal that plays an important role in disseminating information on field-based, experimental, and theoretical research on the zoology of the region. It covers all aspects of basic, comparative, and applied protozoan and animal biology at molecular, cellular, tissue, organ, population, and community-ecosystem levels.

Ken Chan

Editorial Board Member of Research in Zoology

Research Scientist, Science consultant, Australia

Research Areas

Zoology, Ecology


1989-1993Ph.DUniversity of QueenslandSt Lucia, QLD, Zoology and ecology, Department of Zoology
1984-1988B.ScUniversity of QueenslandSt Lucia, QLD, Zoology and ecology, Department of Zoology


2006-presentScience consultant, for editing and proof-reading, guest lectures, research advice, curriculum development
2011Jinan University Guangzhou, China, Invited Professor, for lectures and consultation on scientific English and ecology
2005-2006Jinan University Guangzhou, China, Foreign expert/Associate Professor, at Institute of Hydrobiology for zoological work
2005Southwest University Beibei, Chongqing, China, Foreign expert, for biological sciences
1997-2005University of the Sunshine Coast QLD, Aust, Lectureship in ecology , for environmental science program, Faculty of Science
1994-1997Central Queensland University QLD, Aust, Lectureship in physiology (animals and human), for biology and health science programs

Academic Achievement

Induction to Marquis Who’s Who International Publication Board
Honorary Fellow, Central Queensland University, Australia
High-priority Australian Postgraduate Research Award
Selma Stock Memorial Prize (for best final year student), Department of Zoology, University of New England, Australia

Publications: Conferences/Workshops/Symposiums/Journals/Books

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