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Faizul Haq

Lecturer, Hazara university, Pakistan

Research Areas

Biological Sciences


Ph. D BotanyHazara University Mansehra. Pakistan
M. Phil. GeneticsHazara University Mansehra. Pakistan
Master of Science in BotanyGovt; Post Graduate College No 1 Abbottabad
Bachelor of ScienceGovt; Post Graduate College Mansehra

Publications: Journals

[1]  Shahroz Khan, Faizul Haq*, Fariha Hasan, Kausar Saeed and Rahatullah (2012). Isolation and Characterization of Acidophilic Sulphur and Iron Oxidizing Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans from Black Shale. International Journal of Biosciences (IJB) ISSN: 2220-6655 (Print) 2222-5234 (Online) Vol. 2, No. 2, p. 85-94, 2012.
[2]  Rahatullah, Faizul Haq*, Sardar Azhar Mehmood, Kausar Saeed and Shamsur Rehman (2011). Diversity and distribution of ladybird beetles in District Dir Lower, Pakistan. International Journal of Biodiversity and Conservation Vol. 3(12), pp. 670-675, November 2011
[3]  Faizul Haq* and Rahatullah (2011). Comparative determination of trace elements from Allium sativum, Rheum australe and Terminalia chebula by atomic absorption spectroscopy. Int. J. Biosci. 1(5), 77-82.
[4]  Faizul Haq* (2011). Conservation status of the critically endangered and endangered species in the Nandiar Khuwar catchment District Battagram, Pakistan. International Journal of Biodiversity and Conservation Vol. 3(2), pp. 27-35, February 2011
[5]  Faizul Haq*, Habib Ahmad and Mukhtar Alam (2011). Traditional uses of medicinal plants of Nandiar Khuwarr catchment (District Battagram), Pakistan. Journal of Medicinal Plants Research Vol. 5(1), pp. 39-48, 4 January, 2011
[6]  Faizul Haq, Habib Ahmad*, Mukhtar Alam, Ishtiaq Ahmad and Rahatullah (2010). Species diversity of vascular plants of Nandiar valley western Himalaya, Pakistan. Pak. J. Bot., Special Issue (S.I. Ali Festschrift) 42: 213-229, 2010.
[7]  Habib Ahmad*, Mukhtar Alam and Faizul Haq (2010). Species Diversity and Conservation Status of the Diversity of Vascular Plants of Nandiar Khwar District Batagram, Pakistan. Workshop on International Symposium on Biology of Rare and Endemic Plant Species. (Biorare Symposium May 26-29, 2010, Fethiye-Mugla, Turkey.

Publications: Books/Book Chapters

[1]  Faizul Haq and Rahatullah (2011). Book on Lady Bird Beetles. Morphological Characteristics of Lady Bird Beetles Collected from District Dir Lower, Pakistan. LAP Lambert Academic Publishing. ISBN 978-3-8454-3014-0
[2]  Faizul Haq (2011). Book on Medicinal Plants. Traditional uses of Medicinal Plants of Nandiar Khuwarr Catchment (District Battagram) Pakistan, released by LAP Lambert Academic Publishing-ISBN: 978-3-8443-2976-6