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Chia-Jen Hsu

Post-doctoral Fellow, University of Texas at Arlington, USA

Research Areas

Electrochemistry, Fuel Cell, Lithium-ion battery, Catalyst


2008-2013Ph.D.University of Texas at Arlington
2004-2006M.S.National Chung Hsing University
2000-2004B.S.National Cheng Kung University


2013-presentPostdoc, Synthesis and characterization of TiO2; modeling of Li-ion battery; experiment design and journal/paper writing, UT-Arlington
2009-2013"Research Assistant, Synthesis and characterization of fuel cell catalysts, photocatalysts, and Li-ion cathode materials; simulation of
2008Wire bond Engineer, Evaluation of Au, Cu and alloy wire bonding on the electronic packaging ; failure analysis and problem solving Advanced Semiconductor Engineering (ASE) Group

Academic Achievement

Kelcy L. Warren Scholarship
Dissertation Fellowship 2013 Summer
Academic Excellence Award of College of Engineering
First Place Oral Presentation


The Electrochemical Society 
American Society for Quality 

Publications: Conferences/Workshops/Symposiums/Journals/Books

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Publications: Journals

[1]  C. Hsu et al., International Journal of Hydrogen Energy (2013) 38 (35):15532-15541. 
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