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Lingling Xian

Research Associate, Johns Hopkins University Medical Institue, USA

Research Areas

Adult stem cell,Cancer stem cell biology (MSC,HSC,ISCs).Moleucar mechnism of  Cancer (liver cancer, leukemia). Signaling pathway-wnt, IGF, GH, TGF-B, PTH.Transcription factors- p53,NFkB,Runx1, Runx2, GATA, HMG, Sry. Epigentics.Regenerative medicine.Bone biology

Publications: Journals

[1]  Xian L, Huff CA, Resar ML. IBRUTinib: BRUTe Force against Bortezomib-Resistant Myeloma Cells. Cell Cycle. 2015;14(9):1349-50
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[5]  Williams MD, Zhang Xing, Park Jeong-Jun, Belton Am Huso T, Xian L, Siems WF, Gang DR, Resar LMS*, Reeves R*, Hill HH, Jr*. HMGA1 drives metabolomics reprogramming of intenstinal epithelium during hyperproliferation, polyposis and colorectal carcinogenesis. Analytical Bioanalytical Chem 2015; 6;14(3):1420-31
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[11]  Tan X, Yang L, Xian L, Huang J, Di C, Gu W, Guo S, Yang L. ATP-binding cassette transporter A1 (ABCA1) promotes arsenic tolerance in human cells via reducing cellular arsenic accumulation.ClinExpPharmacol Physiol. 2014 Apr;41(4):287-94
[12]  Jiao K, Zhang M, Niu L, Yu S, Zhen G, Xian L, Yu B, Yang K, Liu P, Cao X, Wang M. Overexpressed TGF-β in subchondral bone leads to mandibular condyle degradation.J Dent Res. 2014 Feb;93(2):140-7
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[15]  Zhang Y, Zhang S, Xian L, Tang J, Zhu J, Cui L, Li S, Yang L, Huang J.Expression and purification of recombinant human neuritin from Pichia pastoris and a partial analysis of its neurobiological activity in vitro.Appl Microbiol Biotechnol. 2015 Jun 6
[16]  Gao P, Zhou Y, Xian L,Li C,et al, Functional Effects of TGF-β1 on mesenchymal stem cell mobilization in cockroach allergen-induced asthma. J Immunol. 2014; 15;192(10):4560-70

Publications: Books/Book Chapters

[1]  Xian Lingling, Wu Qingfeng. Chapter 3: Basic Structure and Functions of the Eukaryotic cells (Medical Cell Biology, Text book for Chinese Medical school) Published at May 2004(The 3rd edition) by Publishing Company of Fudan University,China.