International Journal of Materials Engineering

The International Journal of Materials Engineering strives to publish articles related to fundamental properties of engineering materials, mechanical characterisation, how they are controlled by processing, formed, joined and finished, and how all of these factors influence the selection and design of materials in real-world engineering applications.

Lakshmi  Narayan Satapathy

Editorial Board Member of International Journal of Materials Engineering

Staff Scientist, Ceramic Technological Institute, Bharat Heavy Electrical Limited Corp. R & D, India

Research Areas

Ceramics processing and characterization, Microwave processing of ceramics  and composites, Nanofluids


Post DoctoralMicrowave synthesis of ceramics and composites at Pennsylvania State university, State College campus, USA
Ph.DMaterials Engineering , Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
MBAMarketing, Indira Gandhi National open university, New Delhi
PGDEEWaste Management, Indian institute of Ecology and Environment, New Delhi
M.Tech.Materials Science , Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay
M.Sc.Chemistry, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay


2011-presentDy. General Manager , BHEL, Corp. R &D
2008-2011Senior Manager, CTI, Corp. R & D , BHEL
2004-2008Manager, CTI, BHE-EPD & Corp. R & D
2004Adjunct Scientist, Materials Research Institute, PENNSTATE, USA
2001-2004Deputy Manager , CTI, BHEL, Bangalore
1996-2001Senior Scientific Officer, CTI, BHEL
1992-1996Scientific Officer, CTI, BHEL, Bangalore
1991-1992Scientist Trainee, BHEL, Bangalore
1991Research Associate in DST project on Shape forming of high Tc superconductor-IT, Bombay

Academic Achievement

UNDP/UNIDO Fellow, Newyork State College of ceramics, Alfred Univ., USA
Recipient of R L Thakur Memorial award for Young Scientist ( 2002) , Malaviya award for best paper ( 2008) and Sri Sasadhar Ray memorial award for Industrial Excellence ( 2010) from Indian Ceramic Society, Kolkata
Elected FELLOW of Indian Institute of ceramics in 2009
Biography included in Marqui’s Who’s Who, USA and IBC, Cambridge
One of the research paper was listed as "25 Hottest articles published in MRB in 2005


Life Member-Indian Ceramic Society
Life Member-Materials Research Society of India
Life Member-Indian Institute of Technology Bombay Alumni Association
Life Member-Indian institute of science Alumni association

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Publications: Conferences/Workshops/Symposiums

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Publications: Books/Book Chapters

[1]  L. N. Satapathy, A book review titled " Steering business toward Sustainability" edited by Fritjof Capra and Gunter Pauli , PRODUCTIVITY, 38 ( 4 ), 1998, 685-686.
[2]  L.N. Satapathy, A book review titled " Energy in Minerals and Metallurgical Industries", by H. S. Ray, B. P. Singh, S. Bhattacharjee and V. N.Mishra, Allied Publishers Pvt. Ltd., Trans. Ind. Cer. Soc. , 65(3), (2006), 173.