International Journal of Materials Engineering

The International Journal of Materials Engineering strives to publish articles related to fundamental properties of engineering materials, mechanical characterisation, how they are controlled by processing, formed, joined and finished, and how all of these factors influence the selection and design of materials in real-world engineering applications.

Robert A. Varin

Editor-in-Chief of International Journal of Materials Engineering

Professor, Department of Mechanical&Mechatronics Engineering, University of Waterloo, Canada

Research Areas

Materials for Energy Storage, Hydrogen Storage, Nanostructured and Amorphous Materials For Solid State Hydrogen Storage, Intermetallics, Relationships between Microstructure and Strength, Ductility and Fracture at Low and High Temperatures of Metallic and


1976Ph.DWarsaw University of Technology
1972Master Mech.Eng.Warsaw University of Technology


1992-presentFull Professor, Mech.Eng., Univ. of Waterloo
2003Professorial Fellow , Mater.Eng., Univ. Wollongong (Australia)
1997Principal Fellow, Mater.Eng., Univ. Wollongong (Australia)
1988-1992Assoc. Prof., Mech.Eng., Univ. Waterloo
1983-1988Assist. Prof., Mech.Eng., Univ. Waterloo
1982-1983Research Assoc., Mech.Eng., Univ. Manitoba
1980-1982Assist. Prof., Mater. Sci.&Eng, Warsaw Univ. Technol
1978-1980Post Doc., Mech.Eng., Univ. Manitoba
1976-1978Assist. Prof., Mater. Sci. &Eng., Warsaw Univ. Technol

Publications: Conferences/Workshops/Symposiums/Journals/Books

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[2]  R.A. Varin, T. Czujko, Ch. Chiu, Z. Wronski, "Particle size effects on the desorption properties of nanostructured magnesium dihydride (MgH2) synthesized by controlled reactive mechanical milling (CRMM)", Journal of Alloys and Compounds 424 (2006) 356-364.
[3]  R.A. Varin, T. Czujko, Z. Wronski, "Particle size, grain size and g-MgH2 effects on the desorption properties of nanocrystalline commercial magnesium hydride (MgH2) processed by controlled mechanical milling", Nanotechnology 17 (2006) 3856-3865.
[4]  R.A. Varin, Ch. Chiu, "Synthesis of nanocrystalline magnesium diboride (MgB2) metallic superconductor by mechano-chemical reaction and post-annealing", Journal of Alloys and Compounds 407 (2006) 268-273.
[5]  R.A. Varin, Ch. Chiu, T. Czujko, Z. Wronski, "Feasibility study of the direct mechano-chemical synthesis of nanostructured magnesium tetrahydroaluminate (alanate) Mg(AlH4)2 solid hydride", Nanotechnology 16 (2005) 2261-2274.