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Ravi Shankar Nowpada

Editorial Board Member of American Journal of Bioinformatics Research

Associate Professor, Gitam university, India

Research Areas

Fuzzy Set Theory, Group Theory, Graph Theory , Rough Set Theory, Operations Research, Bioinformatics


2008M.Tech(Computer Science and Technology with Bioinformatics as specialization), Andhra University
2002Ph.D(Applied Mathematics), Andhra University
1992M.Sc(Applied Mathematics), Andhra University


2006-presentWorking as Associate Professor in GITAM
1998-2006Worked as Assistant Professor in GITAM
1992-1998Worked as Lecturer in V.V.R.K.M.L.Degree college, Visakhapatnam


Life member, Operations Research Society of India
Life member, Ramanujan society of India
Member, International Rough set society
Life member, Prof. S. Minakshi Sundaram Memorial Society

Publications: Conferences/Workshops/Symposiums/Journals/Books

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