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Rames C Panda

Editorial Board Member of International Journal of Control Science and Engineering

Staff Scientist, Central Leather Research Institute, India

Research Areas

Control Engg, Instrumentation, Process Control, Chemical Engineering


1994Ph.DIndia Istitute of Technology Chennai
1989M.TechIndia Istitute of Technology Chennai
1984-1987B.TechJadavpur University


1989-presentScientist,Process Control & Instrumentation, Process Modelling, Research with Industrial Interactions


Life fellow member of Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers (IIChE) 18925 since 98
Recognized PhD supervisor of Anna University & Madras University, Chennai
Member of Engineers Australia. No-3242865 since 2007
Life member of Instrumentation Society Of India. Life Member-1648, Since 2008
Assoc member of IChemE (UK) 99914884 since 2007

Publications: Journals

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Publications: Conferences/Workshops/Symposiums

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