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Stavros Ponis

Editorial Board Member of Management

Senior Lecturer, National Technical University Athens, School of Mechanical Engineering, Section of Industrial Management & Operations Research, Greece

Research Areas

Industrial Management, Supply Chain Management, Operations Research, Management Information Systems & E-Business


2005-2006Post doc researchKnowledge Management and Logistics to Support Virtual Enterprise Networks
1997-2003Ph.D Mechanical Engineering-National Technical University Athens
1989-1996B.ScMechanical Engineering-National Technical University Athens


2006-presentSenior Lecturer, School of Mechanical Engineering, Section of Industrial Management and Operations Research(SIMOR/NTUA)
2001-2006Research Fellow, School of Mechanical Engineering, Section of Industrial Management and Operations Research
2001-2006Teaching Support: Section of Industrial Management and Operations Research-School of Mechanical Engineering-National Technical University Athens
1999-2001Researcher, School of Mechanical Engineering, Section of Industrial Management and Operations Research


Member of the Technical Chamber of Greece
Member of the National Union of Engineers of the Public Sector
Member of the Operational Research Society
Member of theCIMOSA (Computer Integrated Manufacturing Open System Architecture)Associationfor Enterprise Integration and Modeling standards
Member of the ISCRAM community-The International Community on Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management
Member of the Hellenic Management Association, Institute of Production and Operations Management(former)
Member of the Production and Operations Management Society(former)

Publications: Conferences/Workshops/Symposiums/Journals/Books

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