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Yaling Liu

Editorial Board Member of American Journal of Biomedical Engineering

Assistant Professor, Lehigh University, USA

Research Areas

Biofluid Mechanics, Lab-on-Chip, Nanomedicine, Biosensing, Nanofluidics


2006Ph.D.Mechanical Engineering, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL
2004M.S. Mechanical Engineering, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL
2001B.S.Engineering Mechanics, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China


2010-PresentAssistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics, Lehigh University
2007-2008Assistant Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, the University of Texas at Arlington
2006-2006Senior Engineer, Mechanical Research and Development, Seagate Technologies, MN

Academic Achievement

2010, NSF CAREER Award
2009, Ralph E. Powe Junior Faculty Enhancement Award, Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU)
2009 , ΦΚΦ Recognized Professor
2005-2006, Royal E. Cabell Fellowship (Dissertation Year Fellowship), Northwestern University
2005, NSF Summer Institute on Nanoscale Mechanics, Bio-inspired Hierarchical Structures Fellowship Recipient
2004, NSF Summer Institute on Multiscale Modeling of Nanomechanics and Materials Fellowship Recipient
2001-2002, Walter P. Murphy Fellowship, Northwestern University

Publications: Journals

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Publications: Books/Book Chapters

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