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Syed Haque

Assistant Professor, Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences Patna-14, India

Research Areas



2010Ph.D.Biochemistry, Hamdard University, New Delhi
1998M.Sc. Biochemistry, Hamdard University, New Delhi
1997M.Sc.Biochemistry, Hamdard University, New Delhi
1995B.Sc.Chem, Magadh University, New Delhi


2006-presentworking as a Biochemist, Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences Patna-14
1998-2003Institute of Paramedical Technology New Delhi to DMLT Students

Academic Achievement

NET (ICAR) Qualified: 1999(Animal Biochemistry)
GATE Qualified: Secured 90.59 percentile


Life member of Indian Immunology Society

Publications: Journals

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