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Luca Magagnin

Editorial Board Member of American Journal of Materials Science

Assistant Professor, Dip. Chimica, Materiali e Ing. Chimica G. Natta–Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Research Areas

Surface Engineering, Electrochemistry, Corrosion, MEMS


2000Ph.DElectrochemical Engineering, Politecnico di Milano
1997M.Sci.Nuclear Engineering, Politecnico di Milano


2008-presentAssistant Professor at Dip. Chimica, Materiali e Ing. Chimica "G. Natta"-Politecnico di Milano. Teachings: Surface Engineering and Materials for Electronics
2002-2008 Senior research scientist at Dip. Chimica, Materiali e Ing. Chimica "G. Natta"-Politecnico di Milano
2001-2002Fellowship of Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei-Roma
2001Visiting scientist at University of California, Berkeley. Supervisor: Prof. Roya Maboudian, College of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering Dept.
2000-2001Research scientist at Dip. Chimica Fisica Applicata, Politecnico di Milano
1999-2000Visiting researcher at University of California, Berkeley. Supervisor: Prof. Roya Maboudian, College of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering Dept.

Academic Achievement

Hans-Jürgen Engell Prize 2003 to younger electrochemists on the basis of published work in the field of corrosion, electrodeposition or surface treatment
NACE 2003 A.B. Campbell Award for the most outstanding manuscript published in Corrosion or MP in the previous year by young authors


Jan 2011 Vicepresident IUSF International Union of Surface Finishing (2010-2014)
May 2006 Member of the Technologies Board of Expotecnica-Racing Car Technology Museum
November 2008-present Vice president AIFM (Italian Association of Metal Finishing)

Publications: Conferences/Workshops/Symposiums/Journals/Books

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[10]  Method for the Protection/Selective Colouring of an Endproduct, Inventor: BESTETTI M., MAGAGNIN L.; Applicant: Politecnico di Milano; WO2006013115 (2006).